Choosing ANR

Since opiate addiction surfaced as a worldwide epidemic in the past 20 years, many different types of opiate addiction treatment options have been introduced. For the many who suffer from opiate addiction, the thought of withdraw is a frightening reality.

Facts About Opiate Addiction and Treatment

Opiates are a narcotic drug.
They are centuries old and have been traditionally used for pain management. The drugs, as with most other drugs, were originally intended to stay in the medical community. However, their popularity amongst recreational users has increased dramatically since their introduction.


The plight of heroin addiction
Born and raised in Switzerland, educated in good schools, polite and gentle. He fell into heroin addiction. In time, left all alone to fight the illness. Fell into Methadone and Heroine more and more…

Anatomy of an Opiate

Many have heard of opiate addiction but it’s more than likely that some have struggled to understand how such an addiction can occur, and why.  Opiates have a powerful effect on the body and can become addictive when used continuously for a certain period of time.  It is first helpful to understand what an opiate is and how it works.

Vitamin D Receptors

Vitamin D receptors are in every cell of our body. Over 80 metabolic processes are dependent on it.
Inadequate Vitamin D levels will lead to musculoskeletal pain, which would in most cases, mislead opiate dependent patients into raising opiate dosages. It may also lead doctors into a false diagnostic on any patient with general unspecific pain.

Breaking Windows

For more than two decades, I have been struggling against a very strong resistance from the existing leaders of the Drug Addiction world.
Why? I have developed a treatment that makes a considered ‘chronic’ condition, a now curable one.