ANR is the only treatment that treats
the root of your opioid dependency.

Dr. Waismann’s Accelerated Neuroregulation reverses both the opioid dependency and its symptoms. The treatment reverses dependency on Heroin, MethadoneSuboxoneSubutex, and other prescription opioid medications using a safe, effective, and humane treatment. ANR is a method that addresses the fundamental neuro-pathophysiologic derangement caused by opiate dependency. In other words, ANR addresses the mental disturbance caused by dependence.

The ANR method’s therapeutic goal is returning the central nervous system into balance by modulating it to decrease receptor production and allowing the body to resume proper endorphin production, while also permitting the metabolizing and elimination of unnecessary exogenous opioids.

Dr. Waismann’s Accelerated Neuroregulation has given hope to 24,000 patients worldwide and shattered the archaic conventional medical approach of replacement therapy, long-term in house rehabilitation, and detoxification with the new gold standard of Accelerated Neuroregulation – ANR.

The Treatment - Step by Step

Morning: Hospital Admission

Admission to the ANR unit, laboratory testing and a comprehensive clinical evaluation. Pre-medication during this period allows for a comfortable transition into the treatment.

Noon: The Treatment

The patient is sedated for approximately 4-5 hours. While under sedation, their endorphins and opioid receptors are regulated/modulated until the pre-dependency balance has been achieved.

Evening: Recovery

The first stage of recovery begins. The patient continues to be evaluated and his or her endorphin-receptor balance can be fine-tuned during this time if required.

The Next Day: Discharge

In the morning, patients are encouraged to shower, eat, and gradually begin physical activities. Most patients will be discharged from the hospital later that day.

Future Follow-Ups

ANR's Success Around the World