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A Timeline

1994 [Israel] The world’s first medical unit dedicated to treating opioid dependency in an ICU

1995 [Italy] Dr. Waismann treats 300 patients in 3 days in Operation Hope effort

1997 [Israel] The first int’l ANR workshop is attended by doctors from around the world

1997 [Australia] Dr. Waismann gives a lecture at the Australian Ministry of Health

1998 [Germany] Dr. Waismann presents at the 10th European Congress of Anesthesiology

1998 [Indonesia] Dr. Waismann is honored by the Indonesian Minister of Health

2000 [United States] Dr. Waismann chosen as visiting professor by Texas Tech Anesthesiology Dept

2000 [Indonesia] Dr. Waismann meets with President Megawati to discuss her support of ANR

2000 [Kazakhstan] Dr. Waismann meets with officials from the Ministry of Health

2001 [Switzerland] Dr. Waismann meets with the World Health Organization rep for Southeast Asia

2002 [India] Dr. Waismann opens an ANR Center in Jalandhar in the state of Punjab

2006 [Belgium] Dr. Waismann opens an ANR Support Center in Brussels

2006 [Israel] Dr. Waismann opens an ANR Center in Ashkelon, just south of Tel Aviv

2008 [Romania] Dr. Waismann is honored by the Mayor of Voluntari and given the key to the city

2012 [Switzerland] Dr. Waismann opens an ANR Center at Interlaken Hospital

2016 [Georgia] Dr. Waismann opens an ANR Center in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia

2019 [United States] The first American ANR Clinic opens in southwest Florida

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Dr. Waismann’s Story

Born in Brazil, Dr. Waismann initially started his medical career as a surgeon and trauma specialist. Later he added to his training intensive care management.

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Failing to provide a better solution, the suffering is justified for its so-called “therapeutic value”. This process prevents patients from seeking treatment, and among those who do seek treatment many drop out. Worst of all, the minority that do complete the treatment they are likely to relapse, as a result they are more reluctant to seek treatment again. DR ANDRE WAISMANN Director and funding Principal