Why Rapid Detox is Outdated Compared to ANR

Dr. Waismann, who pioneered Rapid Detox 25 years ago, redefined the treatment and has achieved unparalleled worldwide success with ANR.

It’s essential to understand what treatment methods are most effective in overcoming opioid addiction. Twenty-four thousand treatments worldwide have shown that Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) works better than any other treatment options, such as rapid detox. We must first have a basic understanding of how the brain functions normally and how it changes after being exposed to opioid drugs over time.

The History of Ultra Rapid Detox Treatment

In the 1990s, Dr. Andre Waismann redefined opioid dependency treatment and developed the rapid detox treatment and Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification treatment (UROD). Due to Dr. Waismann’s success, these methods of opioid dependency treatment became widely and quickly adopted, which led to facilities using rapid detox without enough knowledge or experience to perform it effectively and safely.

Rapid detox was a groundbreaking development at the time and can be credited for helping many individuals with their opioid addiction. It paved the way for further research and development in the field of opioid addiction and laid a foundation for far more advanced techniques and treatment methods such as ANR.

While Dr. Waismann himself took great care to perform rapid detox properly, others did not take the time to learn the necessary information to perform the procedure as safely and effectively as possible. Some rapid detox clinics promote their services as having high levels of success, but they fail to mention the equally high amount of complications experienced.

Rapid detox has been unsuccessful partly due to the incorrect use of naltrexone, an opiate antagonist. Naltrexone is often misused and at the incorrect dosages as there is no regard for each patient’s individual needs or the brain’s endorphin-receptor balance.

Today, we know that rapid detox cannot correct the critical chemical imbalance present in the brain of someone who has abused opioids – it merely manages the secondary effects of addiction, which present as symptoms of withdrawal. While still very much promoted as an effective for opioid addiction, rapid detox is outdated and is not nearly as effective as Accelerated Neuro-Regulation or ANR.

Rapid Detox Centers

There are more than 80 rapid detox and anesthesia assisted treatment facilities around the world, some of which have even resorted to using Dr. Waismann’s name and reputation to promote their center. It is important to note that Dr. Andre Waismann, is only associated with the ANR clinics around the world.

Dr. Waismann is the world’s leading authority in the field of opioid addiction and substance abuse; ANR is the sole treatment method for opioid dependence that he supports and performs. There are currently 3 ANR treatment centers: Naples, Florida; Thun, Switzerland; and Tbilisi, Georgia.

The field of addiction medicine is evolving, and with new research comes new information. As a medical professional who has dedicated his career to helping individuals overcome opioid addiction, Dr. Waismann abandoned any practices involving rapid detox or UROD nearly 30 years ago. His current practice revolves around ANR, which has proven to be extremely safe and effective for thousands of patients.

Overcome Addiction Quickly Without Rapid Detox

Although rapid detoxification is generally deemed unsafe, in large part due to the negligence of providers, it is clear why anyone would want to beat their opioid addiction as fast as possible.

ANR can be performed in over a weekend and is incredibly safe thanks to our access to modern ICU medical equipment, a highly qualified team of trained medical professionals, and a proven worldwide method that addresses the biological root cause of opioid dependence.

Entering a 90 day or other long term inpatient rehab program is not realistic for most people between family and work obligations. With ANR, it is possible to get back to living within days without fear of relapse or dangerous side effects. No other opiate addiction treatment, namely rapid detox, can promise such results.

Dr. Waismann opens the World's first hospital unit entirely dedicated to treating opioid dependency, 1994.

Relapses After Rapid Detox

It is never recommended to stop opioids suddenly, especially if not under proper medical supervision. The brain is in a state of imbalance, and withdrawal symptoms will appear shortly after disrupting it’s new “normal.”

During active withdrawal, heart and respiration rates are elevated, and body temperature rises. Chills and cold sweats, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, headache, runny nose, and watery eyes, are to be expected. Depression, insomnia, anxiety, anger, and trouble thinking clearly, are common symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The duration may depend on what type of opioid was being abused and at what dosage.

Let’s take heroin for example: rapid heroin detox tries to “wash” the heroin out of the body as quickly as possible, some even use general anesthesia to help the patient going through withdrawals, but without addressing the root of the problem, which is causing opioid craving and addiction.

The brain may still crave drugs as it is left in a state of imbalance. Still, it will NOT be able to tolerate the same amount of opioids as prior if an individual begins to experience withdrawal symptoms after rapid detox, the likelihood of relapse increases as he or she may take opioids in an attempt to avoid active withdrawal.

Rapid Detox Cost

The cost of rapid detox can range from thousands up to as high as $24,000~ USD.

For what we now know to be a relatively risky treatment option, it can be high cost to undergo a rapid detox procedure, as there is no guarantee of long term success.

Advanced Neuro-Regulation, however, promises to eliminate opioid dependence with zero complications or side effects. Since the treatment revolves around rebalancing the endorphin-receptor system, our clients wake up with no cravings, as the neurobiological cause of cravings and opioid dependency is resolved.

Addiction treatment programs may be the single most important financial investment an individual will ever make. Because rapid detox only manages opioid withdrawal symptoms and does not treat the actual root cause of drug addiction.

Choosing ANR Over Rapid Detox

ANR relies on science-based medicine and 30 years of clinical and health care experience from Dr. Waismann, who identified the biological root cause of opioid dependency in the 1990s. While rapid detox was considered a great feat at the time, Dr. Waismann’s profound experience and further research has led him to denounce rapid detox for opioid treatment and led to the development of ANR.

ANR’s greatest advantage is the ability to restore each person’s endorphin-receptor balance in the brain, on an individual level. This scientific technique has allowed us to bring each patient we treat to an optimal chemical balance. Ultimately, individuals who receive the ANR treatment method can resume a life free of opioid dependence.

As of today, ANR is the only treatment that addresses the root cause of opioid dependency. ANR proves that opioid withdrawals and cravings can be physically reversed with modern medicine and individual endorphin-receptor evaluation.

Out of Dr. Waismann’s determination for better patient outcomes than what rapid detox could achieve, ANR was born. ANR has helped over 24,000 people overcome their dependence on opioid drugs without relapsing.

The ANR Clinic remains committed to providing science-based research, education, and treatment to individuals battling opioid dependence or addiction, their families, and fellow medical professionals in the field of opioid addiction treatment.

If you have tried quitting opioids or have undergone rapid detox only to relapse, please know it is not your fault. Opioid dependence is not a matter of character or willpower, but that of a biological imbalance. ANR can restore not only the brain’s balance but hope for a future free from drugs.

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