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ANR is classified as an elective procedure. An elective procedure or service is one that is beneficial to the patient but not considered urgent. These services require payment prior to service being provided. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide non-emergency services without securing some form of payment. ANR Clinic does not receive financial assistance from taxpayers (the county, city, state or federal government) to support our operations. Currently ANR is not covered by insurance or Medicare/ Medicaid.
We understand that the cycle of dependency is a major financial burden on both the individual and their loved ones. Also, the past couple of years of the pandemic have wreaked havoc on many families economically. We do not want anyone who wants to reclaim their life to be precluded from doing so on the basis of funds. Therefore, we have several great financing options available for anyone who needs them:

Advance Care – – Credit Card

  • Approval in 24-48hours
  • 18yrs+, monthly income of $1500 or more, no collections in 3 years, no bankruptcy in 5 years
  • Interest rate is based on credit score
  • Monthly payments
  • Co-signers may be added for better terms and higher approval chance
  • Fair to Excellent credit

My Medical Funding – – Loan – Partner of Advance Care*

  • May be used in conjunction with Advance Care credit card
  • Many levels of credit approval 580>
  • Loans between 2k – 35k
  • Funds are transferred directly into the patient’s bank
  • Same-day approval
  • No interest-free financing options

FreedomPlus – – Personal loan

  • Allows a co-signer
  • Loans between $7.5k – 40k
  • Takes your minimum FICO score for credit
  • Lower interest rate if FreedomPlus pays ANR Clinic directly instead of patient
  • Approval within hours
  • Funds within 4 days
  • Choose your monthly payment date

LightStream – – Suntrust Bank – Personal Loan for medical purposes

  • Easy and convenient way to apply virtually
  • Funds available within 24hrs
  • Loans between $5k – 100k
  • Needs excellent credit for lowest APR rates

Prosper –– Personal Loan

  • Direct approval or decline online
  • Primarily based on credit minimum 600-640> credit score
  • Funds are in patient’s account within 3-5 business days
  • Soft inquiry online to check rates, hard inquiry after loan acceptance
  • Loans between $2k – $40k

We also accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, ACH payments, cash, and checks.
If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us today.
We will be happy to talk to you and help with solutions. Call us at 813-213-0720 or submit an online contact form.

Advance Care Card Banner Ad 970x90

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