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I heard about Doctor Waismann many years ago on Fox News. After hearing a radio interview with him that he is opening a clinic in the US, I had to meet him and see how he can help me. I lost connection with outer life. even with my two boys. Today I feel like I am the king of the world. I am free from dependency and i have the 0 thoughts about it.
I started to take Heroin almost nine years ago. It changed everything I knew, it changed everything I was, I thought I was someone else, but after I met Dr. Waismann in his clinic, he showed me hope, that I am the SAME person, just with a medical illness. Unbalanced chemicals. I almost laughed because saying something like this its so outrageous. But he was right. After the treatment, I felt it. I saw everything around me again. My balance restored. I even forgot that I was a happy man. Thank you.
Arlie, US
I know Dr. Andre Waismann personally. He saved my son Ronen life After severe trauma injury without much chance. But Dr. Waismann fought for my son’s life and miraculously succeeded to save him.From my acquaintance with his excellent professionalism as a medical trauma doctor, I can wholeheartedly recommend to every patient who needs the kind of critical care treatment that Dr. Waismann provides, to gain full confidence to trust Dr. Waismann, who is first a wonderful human being and then a devoted doctor, dedicated to his patients, with high values and extraordinary talent in medicine.As a father to a wounded beloved son I entrusted Dr. Waismann with the most precious of all, and God Bless, this doctor did not fail, together with my son they defeated death.
Shai, Israel
When I awoke the next morning, I smiled for the first time in a very long while. The craving the had controlled my life for 23 years was no longer there. I opened my eyes, and I had no compulsion to pick up the phone and call my dealer.
Patrick, UK
It is a medical miracle! The team is amazing, and they know perfectly what they are doing! Every prediction was correct, and we knew everything about the process. These guys are ANGELS FROM HEAVEN!!! Thank you and may God help you save many lives from now on!
Gelu, Romania
I began a new life and I am reborn! Thank you all and GOD bless you for everything you are doing!!!You will always be on my mind!!!!
Sinzina, Romania
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ANR was the best thing that could have happened to me. If you have the will and the motivation, you can successfully get out of the drug world with ANR. My motivation was my son, my mother and the desire to have another child. My problem was the fear of withdrawal, because I always had to vomit massively during previous withdrawals. After the ANR treatment I wasn’t doing very well, but I didn’t have “withdrawal” and above all no vomiting, which was already half the battle for me. On the other hand, I could hardly sleep and had hot and cold feelings. But both disappeared with time and without new medication. Except, of course, Naltrexone, which I had to take for a few more months. I thank Dr. Waismann very sincerely for his procedure, which made a new life possible for me and wish him all the best.
Sofia, Spain
He saved my child’s life. Very kind and empathic doctor. ANR CURES opioid Dependency. Hopefully there will be more ANR centers in Europe! Greetings from Berlin. Thank you, Dr Waismann and everyone who works with you!
Sonja, Germany
Dr. I cannot say thank you enough for giving me my life back. My wife says I’m a much more emotional man now and she loves it. I have a stockpile of close to 500 Suboxone pills here that I’m taking in the Walgreens today to drop in their pill dispensary wiping my hands clean turning around and walking away. After 13 years of Suboxone I’m living proof that it works and works well without any withdrawal symptoms.
David, USA
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I want to tell you all how grateful I am for what you did for me. I was prescribed Suboxone, and I couldn't stop. Thank you for treating this problem for once and for all. I am done with Suboxone, and I didn't even imagine how easily it can be done. That's just crazy. Thank you.
Tim, USA.
I just wanted to give a huge thank you for setting me free. 15 years I have been using. 5 years on Pain pills and Fentanyl patches and 10 years on Suboxone. I could never had gotten off the Suboxone if it was not for ANR and Dr. Waismann. I was down the in Naples on Feb 22nd and Feb 23rd and from what Dr Said I was under for like 8 hours before my receptors were clean. So there is no way I could have ever done it on my own and I owe my life to ANR. I am doing great. Absolutely NO craving and ZERO desire to take any pills at all. So thank you again. My family and I are in a huge debt to ANR, Dr. Waismann and staff.
Steve, USA.
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I am so well, I can live again and enjoy my family. I have an enormous joy in my heart! The people around me see a new person. My sleep has changed, I don’t have to sleep so much anymore and I am usually top fit early in the morning.
Bet, Belgium
I am working and enjoying my life drug free. My children have now moved close to me and my life is finally moving forwards.
Mike, Canada
Thank you for freeing me physically, but also for touching my heart and enabling me to free myself from what I have been running from for many years.
Anna, USA
I have been trying to make my closer and wider environments understand – trying to find clear-headed, sensible people – that if law and society are incapable to save our sons and daughters from the drug they should at least cure them… you are fighting whole-heartedly for the cause.
Judit, USA
I perfectly know that you expect nothing more, but it is my inner obligation, simply a must to tell you the never-ending gratefulness I feel for you.
Angie, USA
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Thank you for everything – giving me a chance at a successful and complete life again.
Jennifer, Australia
Now I have a wonderful life. Thank God because from your hand, I’ve recovered. Thanks a lot for helping me.
Joshua, Belgium
Thanks again for your great therapy! I am now more than 1 year clean and happy, and I can travel anywhere.
Catarina, USA
I just wanted to give my most grateful thanks for giving me a fresh start at life. From here forward, I’ll spread the knowledge about ANR and how you have given me reason to live happy again. Thank you for everything!
Charles, US