ANR consists of a team of critical care physicians, senior anesthesiologists including Dr. Albert Kabemba (Our US Medical Director), technicians, nurses and medical assistants who have joined together to provide our patients with the highest level of medical care in the field of opioid dependency.

The entire staff has been hand-picked and qualified in the ANR procedure. Please join us as we change the common misconceptions on opioid addiction.

Be a part of the solution now! 

Dr. Andre Waismann

Founder of ANR

Dr. Albert Kabemba

Medical Director

Dr. Gene Tulman


Ben Waismann

Chief Executive Officer

Mali Saat

Director of International Operations

Olga Medowska

Director of Operations

Cindy Neads

Director of Patient Care

April Rose, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

John H

Patient Advocate

Casey W

Office Coordinator

Daniela C

Office Coordinator

Amely R

Office Coordinator

Marisa F


Beth W

Charge RN



Naomi A


Casey B


Kim C


Cateshia C


Our Team in Action

At ANR, we bring together a formidable team of critical care physicians, senior anesthesiologists led by Dr. Albert Kabemba, our US Medical Director, along with skilled technicians, nurses, and medical assistants, all focused on providing top-tier medical care for opioid dependency. Each team member is meticulously chosen and proficient in the ANR procedure. We invite you to join us in challenging the widespread misconceptions about opioid addiction. 

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