Doctor Unveils Detox Program to Help Opioid Addicts



TAMPA, FLORIDA. —  An Israeli doctor  who claims  to have successfully treated thousands of opioids addicts abroad now plans to bring his treatment methods  to the U.S.

  • Dr. Andre Waismann looking to train U.S. doctors in program
  • Program involves “Accelerated Neuro Regulation,” or ANR
  • ANR restores relationship between endorphins and receptors in addict’s brain
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“I don’t say what I’m doing is the best treatment in the world,” said Dr. Andre Waismann. “I’m sorry to tell you it’s the only one.  It’s the only treatment that reverses the effects of the dependency.”

Waismann said the secret lies in restoring the relationship between endorphins and receptors in an addict’s brain.  He says his program, “Accelerated Neuro Regulation,” or “ANR,” has been used successfully detox more than 24,000 addicts across Europe and Israel.

“Any other treatment, detoxification, rehabilitation that does not rebalance this very basic system will not work,” said Waismann.

Waismann compiled his findings in a 68-page report and presented them to a European conference back in the late 1990s. But very little of his work is known here in the U.S.

“That was the first I had heard of anything like that,” said Kimberly Johnson, an addiction expert and mental health professor at the University of South Florida. ““When people make claims that something works but they don’t have the good scientific evidence to back it up, we need to really be cautious about that.”

“We have effective treatments now that we aren’t using adequately and people should probably focus on using what we know works,” she added.

Waismann insists his treatment is effective and is now looking to train doctors in Florida on his methods. He has already opened a clinic in Naples with that goal in mind.

“I’m here to teach and to share my experience,” he said.

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