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The world-renowned ANR procedure treats the root of opioid dependence from a scientific and medical perspective, allows the patient to avoid withdrawals and cravings.

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Accredited by BBB and NAATP, ANR clinic is an award-winning opioid addiction treatment center with 24,000+ success stories worldwide.

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“We have identified the biological roots of opioid dependency”

Dr. Waismann pioneered the original Rapid Detox in the ’90s. Over time, he abandoned the treatment and redefined the objectives and therapeutic goals of healing opiate dependency.

The result is an innovative procedure known today as ANR, which has achieved unparalleled results worldwide.ANR’s success as an opioid addiction treatment is based on the ability to evaluate each individual and restore their endorphin-opioid receptor balance to a pre-dependency state, without the constant fear of relapse and failure. Traditional Detox Centers and Rapid Detoxification Centers have become outdated.

Modulation or regulation of the endorphin receptor system is the new standard of opioid treatment. 

  • 30% of patients came to ANR post-rapid detox relapse.
  • 95% of patients came after two or more unsuccessful attempts with traditional rehabs. 

Dr. Andre Waismann

Developer of ANR

We helped 24,000 patients worldwide overcome their opioid dependency easily using safe, effective, and humane treatment.

Our Mission

Allow opioid dependent patients in any medical condition to enjoy the benefits of modern medicine, educate patients and doctors into the new reality that opioid dependency is no longer a chronic illness.

Our Experience, Your Benefit

Dr. Waismann, has 30 years of experience in the addiction field. He is continuously called on to consult physicians and medical professionals around the world.

Our Vision

Bring our knowledge, experience and achievements in the field of addiction treatment and opioid dependency to other medical institutions, until ANR becomes widely available.

Our Values

Our unprecedented results and achievements would not have been possible without our basic values:

  • We fight the illness – never the patient
  • Scientific excellence
  • Compassion
  • Continuous research and improvement

What Makes Us World Leaders?

Experts on ANR

Healthcare experts around the world share their experiences with the ANR treatment

Innovative Opioid Addiction Treatment Method

Unlike other opioid addiction treatments, the ANR treatment tackles both the cause and the symptoms of opioid dependency. The effectiveness of this method lies in the fact that it reverses the damage that opioids cause to the central nervous system.

By stimulating endorphin production and reducing that of opioid receptors, the ANR treatment allows you to successfully recover from opioid addiction within days! 

ANR Centers

Dedicated to fighting the global opioid epidemic and helping people reclaim their lives, we at ANR Clinic believe that everyone—regardless of their physical location—deserves access to safe and effective opioid addiction treatment.

We’re happy to welcome you to ANR centers across four continents: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Most importantly, we guarantee the same level of compassion, quality, care, and safety whether you receive your ANR treatment in the USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Israel, or Georgia. 

The ANR Treatment Helped


Opioid Dependent Individuals in


Opioid Addiction Treatment Centers in Europe, Georgia, Israel, Brazil and USA

We are treating the root of your dependency - the endorphin system


During the time leading up to the hospitalization, we will help you prepare.

Our medical team will be in regular contact to make sure you are in optimal shape for admission.


This part of the process happens during the ANR procedure itself.

You are under sedation and do not feel any withdrawal symptoms.

Once the equilibrium is achieved you are awakened and can start the recovery process.


After the hospital discharge, you will be in the care of our team who will guide you in your recovery.

You will be given tools to jump-start your endorphin system stabilization. This process usually takes 2-3 days.

To ensure the quickest stabilization period adhere to all the directions of your follow-up team.


As you pursue your return to the life you led before dependency our team will continue to work with you.

For lifelong success stick to recommended lifestyle changes and stay in touch with the ANR team.

FAQ About Opioid Treatment

The ANR treatment process restores normal brain function by altering and re-regulating the patient’s endorphin and opioid receptors to their pre-opioid addiction state.

The ANR opioid addiction treatment is carried out under sedation in an ICU setting by a team of board-certified critical care medical professionals. This makes it a very safe opioid addiction treatment method for virtually anyone—even those with pre-existing health conditions. You can read more here

As an elective procedure, this treatment is considered beneficial but not urgent and requires payment before the procedure is initiated. Although the ANR treatment currently isn’t covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, we offer several financing options to ease your burden.

Yes, we currently have five financing options for ANR treatment available to anyone in need. These include the Advance Care credit card and loans from My Medical Funding, FreedomPlus, LightStream, and Prosper. Read more here.

Our US clinic is located in Arcadia, Florida. We believe geographic location should not be a barrier to proper medical care, therefore you will find ANR locations in several countries around the world. Our clinics in Switzerland, Israel, Georgia, and Brazil are dedicated to providing the same lifesaving ANR treatment to patients worldwide.

If you have any other questions about the ANR treatment or opioid addiction, reach out to us—we’ll be happy to help and ease any concerns you may have. Contact us via email or phone, or book a free consultation in the closest ANR office. We guarantee 100% confidentiality and no obligation to proceed with the treatment.

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