ANR Centers

ANR Centers

Over the past three decades, ANR Centers have been in operation across the globe: from Israel and Georgia to Switzerland and Indonesia. In recent years, the opioid epidemic in America has reached a new level of severity, prompting Dr. Waismann to finally turn his attention to the immediate and pressing need here in the United States.

Our flagship center in the U.S. is located in southwest Florida, yet the ANR vision remains: help as many people around the world regain their dignity and live a life free from opioid dependence.

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ANR Centers | Landmark Hospital | ANR Europe Thun

ANR Clinic, Landmark Hospital

The ANR treatment is performed at an ultra-modern facility in beautiful Naples, Florida.

The 50-bed critical care hospital was completed in 2015, and is equipped with ICU facilities and a dedicated unit for the ANR procedure, with access to all the essential medical equipment required to treat even the most complex conditions.

ANR Clinic, ANR Europe Thun, Switzerland

ANR Europe is currently working to solidify a state-of-the-art facility and train a hand-picked medical team on the ANR procedure in scenic Thun, Switzerland. The idyllic town is located where the Aare River flows from Lake Thun, 19 miles south of Bern.
To contact ANR Europe directly, please email or call 031 533 18 88.