ANR Centers

ANR Clinic US - DeSoto Memorial Hospital, Arcadia, Florida

The ANR treatment is performed at the nationally recognized facility in Arcadia, Florida.

The 49-bed acute care hospital is equipped with ICU facilities and a dedicated staff and unit for the ANR procedure, with access to all the essential medical equipment required to treat even the most complex conditions.

DMH has been recognized numerous times for their commitment to quality and safety. Most recently by the Florida Hospital Association and CMS.

ANR Clinic is proud to continue its mission of treating patients with clinics around the world. Each one of our centers is committed to the same high safety and quality standards under the supervision of Dr. Andre Waismann. Whether you choose to get treated in our US, European or South American location you can expect the same attention and dedication to excellence.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact our office at 813-750-7470