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With over 14,500 specialized drug treatment centers across the United States, choosing the right detox center or rehab can be challenging. Florida is a popular destination for opiate rehab facilities and rapid detox centers in Florida are plentiful. Is a “rapid detox” the preferred method of treatment when wanting to overcome opiate addiction? Not since the advent of Accelerated Neuro-Regulation being introduced to the United States.

Top factors for clients to consider in an opiate detox program include location, length of treatment, and the overall treatment method, including rates of relapse. ANR outperforms outdated addiction treatments, such as Florida rapid detox programs, in every above category.

A Better Alternative to Florida’s Opiate Detox Centers

Situated on Florida’s West Coast, the ANR Clinic conducts its treatment in a modern ICU hospital located in Arcadia, Florida – Treating the root of the dependency that is happening in the brain. If you’ve found yourself searching for Rapid Detox Centers in Florida, look no further. ANR is Florida’s premier opiate detox option and opioid dependence treatment. ANR Treated 24,000 patients with numerous success. Unlike most rapid detox centers in Florida, ANR does more than simply detox the body from opiates. The ANR advantage is credited to its ability to achieve a re-regulation of opioid receptors in the brain, allowing for a resolution to physical cravings and dependence without the fear of relapse.

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation can help individuals suffering from addiction to a multitude of opiates including but not limited to heroinfentanylkratom, prescription painkillers such as Vicodin or Oxycontin, and more. Both illegal opioids and over-the-counter narcotics work in the brain similarly, making our treatment method successful regardless of the opiate individuals may find themselves dependent on.

Quickly Detox From Opiates in Florida

While an extended inpatient stay at a traditional rehab may sound ideal, time may not allow for such a commitment. Time also has no bearing on the efficacy of treatment or if the client will successfully achieve sobriety. In fact, ANR takes only one weekend of your life to successfully remove opiates from the body and get to the root of opioid dependence: an imbalanced brain.

Opioid detox in Florida and elsewhere is a treatment that does not address the biophysical cause of drug dependence, found in the endorphin-receptor system’s imbalance due to prolonged drug exposure. While other Florida rapid detox centers may boast a 2 to 3-day process, clients leave with a high risk of relapse. The cravings normally are still present so long as there is a disproportionate amount of opioid receptors left in the brain.

Spending less time to achieve the best results is our promise at the ANR Clinic

Success With ANR in Arcadia, Florida

ANR’s idea of successful opiate detox is the new gold standard. What rapid detox can not achieve is long-lasting results, allowing clients to resume to life without a dependence, fear of relapse, or being on harm reduction medication such as suboxone or methadone, both of which come with their own set of risks including a high potential for abuse.

Withdrawal from opioids does not have to be a painful process or even one that an individual must ensure while conscious. Under sedation, Accelerated Neuro-Regulation will detox the body from opioids and then proceed to modulate the brain’s endorphin receptors in order to reach the desired outcome of restoring the brain to its pre-drug addiction state.

Having treated over 24,000 patients and counting internationally, ANR is newly available in Florida. With the opioid epidemic currently facing the United States, ANR is on a mission to help as many Americans as possible to overcome opioid addiction. The future of opioid addiction treatment and withdrawal treatment is here.

Detoxing from opiates is the first step to successfully treating opiate dependency. ANR has revolutionized opiate addiction treatment instead of merely managing symptoms associated with withdrawal, which is what rapid detox centers currently offer individuals battling opiate addiction. ANR is currently the only treatment method in Florida, let alone the United States, utilizing scientific-backed modern medicine to treat individuals and their addiction.

We believe opiate addiction treatment should be as simple as scheduling an appointment, spending about 30 hours being treated by highly qualified anesthesiologists, physicians, and their team, and resuming a life free of cravings, fear, and dependence. Enduring the discomfort of withdrawal, relying on medication, and relapse, are things of the past. The development of ANR continues to restore not only brain balance but hope, to all ravaged by opiate addiction.

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Reclaim your life with the revolutionary ANR treatment.

Dr. Andre Waismann

Dr. Waismann identified the biological roots of opioid dependency, Since then he has successfully treated more than 24,000 patients worldwide that are struggling with opioid addiction.

Throughout his career, he has lectured and educated health professionals in dozens of countries around the world to this day.

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