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The United States is home to over 14,500 opioid treatment centers, making it difficult to choose the right rehab for you to overcome substance abuse habits. In New York City, you can find 93 inpatient treatment facilities and 24 outpatient treatment programs, as well as several other drug and alcohol addiction treatments. Although there are many drug rehabs in New York, none of them compare to the one that has recently been introduced in the United States. 

Opioid Addiction Treatment Facility in New York City

According to the CDC, fatal overdoses increased by approximately 38.6% from March of 2020 to March of 2021.  During this same period, over 2,300 individuals suffered a fatal overdose in New York City.  Most of which involved heroin and/or fentanyl.

In January of 2021,the city was flooded with fentanyl and heroin. Fentanyl was found to be involved in 77% of all deaths caused by overdose in New York City. Statistics also show that fentanyl kills more New York residents than guns. 

With the opioid epidemic sweeping the city, it is important to know your treatment options. Most importantly, we would like to introduce the scientifically backed opioid addiction treatment that goes straight to the root of your dependency caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. 

The ANR Clinic has successfully treated over 24,000 patients. Most addiction treatment centers simply focus on detoxing your body from the opiates, but Accelerated Neuro-Regulation goes above and beyond this. 

When you undergo treatment for your substance use disorder with us, our skilled professionals will re-regulate the opioid receptors in your central nervous system. Since your opioid dependency is addressed at its root, all physical cravings are eliminated.  After undergoing opioid addiction treatment at our facility, you and your loved ones can feel confident in the success rate instead of fearing relapse. 

If you are suffering from any of the following drug addictions: heroin, fentanyl, kratom, Vicodin, Oxycontin, or any other opioid, Accelerated Neuro-Regulation is the right option for you to overcome your addiction once and for all. Our treatment has been proven to be successful for both prescription narcotics as well as illegal opioids because they all affect the brain in a similar way. 

When compared to other drug rehabilitation centers, the ANR Clinic comes out on top in all of the categories that we know mean the most to you. Including location, length of treatment, success rates, and overall treatment plan. 

Drug Rehab Center in New York

Life is busy, and it doesn’t always allow you to commit to an inpatient rehab stay at a traditional recovery center.  ANR does not require this lengthy commitment, you are only 3-4 days away from successfully removing opiates from your body and achieving balance within your brain. 

Maybe you are thinking this sounds too good to be true and wondering if it is possible for a 36-hour hospital admission to be effective in the long term. Our decades of experience and research have proven that the length of this treatment has no bearing on the efficacy of it. 

After prolonged periods of drug abuse, your brain begins to experience an imbalance in the endorphin receptor system.  Some other addiction treatment centers may advertise a 2-3 day treatment process, but they fail to address the biophysical cause of your drug dependency, which leaves you with a greater risk of relapse. If the levels of opioid receptors are not balanced out, you will continue to experience cravings. 

Here at the ANR Clinic, we ensure that you will achieve the best results in the least amount of time. We are committed to making a difference and decreasing the 2,000 deaths per year in NYC.

The New Gold Standard of Opiate Detox

In New York City, every 5 hours, an overdose leads to death. In order to avoid being a statistic, it is important that you get yourself the best treatment available. ANR is the only treatment available that provides you with long-lasting results that you cannot get from a rapid detox center. 

After undergoing a drug detox, the last thing you want is to return to your life constantly, fearing a relapse or having to consistently take harm reduction medication-assisted treatments (MAT)  like methadone or suboxone. These replacement medications present their own risks and a high potential for abuse. 

When you think about withdrawal, you probably think about it as being a long and painful process, as it is with most traditional rehab programs. That’s not the case when you seek treatment with the ANR Clinic, where you will be under sedation while the medical team works to detoxify your body from opioids and then continues to modulate your brain’s receptors in order to return your brain to its normal state before addiction. 

ANR is currently the only opioid treatment dependency method that utilizes research-backed modern medicine to treat people and the opioid addiction that they suffer from. In the 90’s, Dr. Andre Waismann recognized the problem with traditional addiction treatment programs and set out to do something more than simply managing the symptoms associated with withdrawal. 

Here at the ANR Clinic, your opiate addiction treatment provides a more simple solution than you could’ve ever imagined. After scheduling your appointment, you will spend about 36 hours under the special treatment of our experienced and knowledgeable anesthesiologists, physicians, and their medical team, who are focused on getting you back to a life free of fear, cravings and opioid dependence. 

With our modern technology, withdrawal, medication dependency, and relapse are things of the past. Not only does our treatment bring balance back to your system  but it will also bring hope back into the lives of you and anyone else that has been affected by your opiate addiction. 

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