Is there a service for drug detox and rehab while on parole?

Using drugs may carry legal consequences that vary considerably. Depending on the jurisdiction the repercussions might include the risk of substantial fines, probation, and even jail time. In 2018, there were nearly 3 million drug abuse and DUI’s violations issued alone. Among those charged with an offense, many will be offered alternative routes other than traditional jail time, including the option to complete a drug rehab program while on parole or probation.

Drug Detox and Rehab while on Probation or Parole

Drug addiction and crime are closely interconnected, especially regarding property theft and human trafficking. To deter addicts from using drugs after being arrested, some municipalities may offer the offender a choice to enroll in a drug treatment program, rather than incarceration. The purpose of this initiative is to help inmates re-enter society successfully and avoid relapsing. This also discourages subsequent re-offending, such as stealing to fuel a drug habit, which is detrimental not only to the victim but also society as a whole.

Benefits of Parole Detox or Rehabilitation Programs

There are many benefits to enrolling the inmate in a drug detox program, including:

  • Overall health improvement
  • Life skills development
  • Relapse prevention
  • Higher likelihood of successful integration into society

How to Prepare for Rehab on Probation

Many offenders on probation or parole have addiction issues, therefore the probation officers will often have excellent resources for those struggling with addiction. As a matter of fact, seeking help for drug addiction issues while on probation is highly encouraged. One should always consult with their probation officer first to get permission, as they may require a judge to sign documents. Once cleared, the individual can enter the treatment program and begin their journey of rehabilitation.


In conclusion, due to the fact drug addiction and crime are closely interconnected, drug offenders are highly encouraged to find help for their addiction problems. To best assist the inmate, and further reduce crime, many jurisdictions will offer rehab options for inmates who need help. Interventions such as drug treatment court to promote successful re-entry into society have been proven to be highly effective among drug abusing inmates. At ANR Clinic, we are committed to helping our patients restore their health to a pre-addiction state, freeing them from dependency and cravings using modern medicine. Post-treatment, the opioid receptors will remain blocked, therefore rendering any exogenous opioids ineffective after undergoing the ANR procedure. This ensures a patient on parole or probation will remain opioid free, and successfully re-integrate back into society.

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