Is ANR Safe?

When deciding whether to have a medical procedure done or not, one of the deciding factors is the safety of the treatment in question. Similar questions are often on the minds of individuals considering the ANR treatment. Combine that with the fact that there is already a wide variety of addiction treatments available, some of them being more unchecked and experimental in nature than others. Many different clinics and centers, often with very limited clinical experience, offer their own uncertain solutions – which can be dangerous, ineffective, and cause traumatic experiences for the patients. The worst part is that on top of having had to deal with horrible withdrawals, they are still dependent on opioids.

Besides restoring the endorphin system to its proper function and treating the dependency at its root, the procedure’s safety is the single issue we are most proud of here at ANR.

After treating almost 25,000 patients in more than 20 countries using dozens of different hospitals, the ANR safety standards are something we never compromise on.
This undisputed success comes from maintaining three important standards:

The Equipment – Unlike other treatments, ANR will not be performed at a walk-in clinic, ambulatory surgical center, or even a regular hospital unit. In order to maintain our stringent safety procedures, ANR requires an ICU setting. Not because it’s a critical procedure in nature, but because the equipment offered in this setup can allow our physicians to utilize additional layers of security for our patients.

The Staff – Almost 25,000 patients have undergone the ANR procedure at ANR Clinic. Our staff has seen it all. Their vast experience allows our patients to enjoy the expertise of a truly expert team that is knowledgeable and has mastered their clinical craft and the ANR treatment.

The Facility – We only work with hospitals that are dedicated to the value of safety, the same high-quality standards and would never consider taking shortcuts. Our hospital partners will always seek the best conditions of treatment and recovery for our patients and for our staff. All ANR hospitals have a complete range of in-house support departments and experts in different fields of medicine, such as cardiology or neurology, that will always be available if needed.

So the short answer is- yes, ANR is very safe.

ANR Clinic Deaths

Some people ask us about deaths in the ANR procedure. This is a legitimate question that sometimes pops up from people who are in communication with our staff. Treating close to 25,000 patients, we have never lost a patient. More than that, none of our patients had any serious complications or negative outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, ANR is not invasive. An invasive procedure is defined as a procedure that accesses the body by an incision or puncture. During the entirety of the ANR treatment, the patients are neither cut into nor penetrated in other ways. The ANR treatment is a pharmacological procedure, and patients are put under sedation, not general anesthesia, like in the case of surgery. This still assures that the patient benefits from being asleep and not feeling the withdrawals.
No. We are not using general anesthesia. We utilize anesthetic agents at a different point in time to achieve specific results. This allows the patient to be asleep and comfortable but also, in turn permits the medical team to see the patient react to the procedure.
Treating close to 25,000 patients, we have never lost a patient.
No, during the entire 36 hours of your hospital stay, there will always be staff available and caring for you.

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