Is ANR Safe?

Accelerated-Neuro Regulation, commonly abbreviated as “ANR”, approaches opioid addiction from a scientifically based medical perspective. The ANR treatment has redefined the therapeutic goals of treating opioid addiction and achieved unparalleled success. Through continuous research and improvement, ANR has achieved a reputation as being the most effective treatment for opioid addiction, as well as the safest.

Unsurpassed Safety Standards

Opioid withdrawal presents many risks to the patient, including severe side effects and possibility of death. Many treatment facilities and rapid detox centers use a standard “one size fits all” approach for each patient, leading to complications.
ANR tailors each treatment to the patient, with specific protocols set in place. For example, unlike a rapid detox, the ANR treatment is only conducted in a licensed and accredited hospital with a designated ICU unit. The highly qualified staff has been specifically trained on the ANR treatment by Dr. Waismann himself and have an extensive knowledge of all areas of medicine. Throughout the treatment, patients are continuously monitored using advanced critical care equipment, and supervised by the medical team around the clock.
The hospital has an onsite lab, pharmacy, support services and, physicians in different areas of expertise that are available to our patients. Also, the ANR procedure is performed only by a board-certified, experienced anesthesiologist and a seasoned team of critical care professionals. These additional services ensure that highest levels of quality and safety are always maintained. This in turn enables us to treat patients with underlying health conditions and guarantees that we are ready to address even the most complex situations safely.
24,000 patients have been treated with ANR and none of them experienced any severe complications.


In conclusion, ANR is the safest choice for anyone ready to cease opioid usage, including individuals with complex medical conditions, as our team of board-certified critical care specialists has a vast breadth of understanding and experience. By approaching opioid addiction from a science-based perspective, tailored to each patients’ individual needs, ANR is able to negate the side effects experienced by patients during detox. Through our unmatched experience, our high safety standards, and commitment to continuously improving our processes, ANR has achieved worldwide success as one of the most effective, and safest options available today in treating opioid addiction.

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