Opioid Epidemic Takes Backseat to Coronavirus

Since the ’90s, Healthcare doctors and Medical providers from all around the world have shown their confidence in Dr. Waismann’s approach and work with the ANR treatment in opioid-dependent patients. View Original article

Identifying the Biological Roots of Opioid Dependency

iHeart Radio Published: October 29, 2019 Dr. Andre Waismann joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss that hehas identified the biological roots of opioid dependencyand has treated more than 24,000 people with opioid dependency. He process he pioneered is called ANR, which stands for (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation). ANR is an anesthesia-based approach to help people with opioid addictions […]

Hope Beyond Heroin

USA Today Published: January 25, 2004 SUBSTANCE ABUSE unquestionably is a major health concern in the U.S. and the world, with annual treatment costs in the billions of dollars. The social impact in relation to crime, family life, and lost productivity is immeasurable. Diseases such as hepatitis C and AIDS have become common in many […]

To end the opioid crisis, we need to change the way we think about the addiction

Washington Examiner Published: July 23, 2019 The opioid dependency epidemic is not a plague or virus from outer space. Rather, the crisis is a result of relying on theories that are built on ignorance and moral prejudice. For too long, this approach has left patients defined by their behavior, when their actions were dictated by […]

Dr. Andre Waismann, Rethinking Addiction

Cyprus Review WRITTEN ON: SEP 26 2019 “I am not a genius – just a doctor who is tired of seeing heroin addicts being tossed onto the sideline or fed methadone to keep them under control,” says Dr. Waismann, a doctor pushing for the treatment of drug addiction to be brought into mainstream medicine. During […]

Meet the man who can treat addiction ‘overnight’

Herald.ie WRITTEN ON: OCT 03 2008 Dr. Andre Waismann has found a method for treating opiate addiction that has proven incredible successful, yet his work is often overlooked by the medical community. “My goal is that any drug addict in the world will one day be able to turn up at their local general hospital […]

Long Awaited Victory Over Heroin Addiction

Pravda WRITTEN ON: SEP 25 2019 What is drug addiction associated with in our minds? Who do we see as a victim – the addict or the society? Most of us have never experienced the tragedy of addiction personally, but we know about its social consequences. We see only the exterior, it is hard for […]