Anthony M, USA

ANR Treatment is the absolute TRUTH! The only way to fight opioid dependency. I’ve tried it all and nothing helped. I viewed myself as an addict for life until the day I met Dr. Waismann and his crew. And they really do fix you in 5 hours. Incredible!! You do go thru months worth of WD in that short of time. It’s like being hit by a truck, if you’re like me and used fentanyl heavily going into this. I was terrified. Held on to the fentanyl til the last second. But the moment I woke up I knew my struggles with opioids was 100% OVER. As nurse John would say “Faghettaboutittt” hahah. I’ll always remember John came to my hotel to check on me. I was half there half in a different realm. Someone commented on my scruff. I smiled and said “yeah I left it a lil scruffy.” John being John I’m sure saw the best opportunity and took it. He says “ hey! You’ve got a summer beard! Some er here some er there…” HAHAH it was the first time I truly laughed in over 4 years. Waismann is so majestic. A Godly man with only good intentions. And truly wise. He uploaded knowledge in me that I’ll never let go. And brought Yahweh back into my life. I’m forever indebted. Dr. Brandon is truly amazing too. Many phone calls with that sweet man many questions asked and concerns stifled with his even keel prose. Maria and Ashley and Mumbumba (sorry if I botched that, Dr.) and all of the night crew that took such good care of me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You’ve given my wife her best friend back. My Baby her daddy back. And John … as you can see I’m still working on that summer beard 😋 I truly love you all. Kind kind people. The best people. Doing Gods work over there in Florida. Listen. My mouth used to water for fentanyl… literally! Now. My mouth waters for fruit, veggies, fresh meat. Good food. I don’t even crave sugar anymore!! You are guaranteed to come out of this able to feel joy for the first time since the first time you gave opioids the control of such an important aspect in life. Take back control. Don’t hesitate. It’s well worth the money. I’m so on fire for life I promise you I will save lives with my story. 💛

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