Suzanne Peniche, Pennsylvania

Our son, Joseph, went through the ANR procedure. The results have been profound! He has been through 10 years of severe opiate dependency. We spent countless dollars and went to numerous rehabilitation facilities, NA meetings, and much more. He has been at death’s door numerous times. NOTHING WORKED! I found out about Dr.Waismann and ANR by searching the internet. After reading all of the material on the website, I had no doubt that this doctor had the cure for this dreadful disease using modern medicine. ANR has been a completely life-changing experience for our son! He no longer has any cravings at all for opiates. He also does not experience the secondary effects of opiate dependency, such as mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Joseph has said that he does not even remember what an opiate felt like. He is now living a normal and completely drug-free life. ANR is the cure for opiate dependency using modern medicine! Sixty years of trying to treat a central nervous system disorder using outdated methods such as rehabilitation centers, NA meetings, and medication-assisted treatment is not effective for curing an opiate dependency. Only using modern medicine that has addressed the biological roots of this disease can truly cure opiate-dependent people. Again, this is modern medicine! The entire staff at ANR is professional and has a deep concern for people dependent on opiates. They are NOT about making money. They are about curing suffering people! If ANR was available in every state of the US, we could eliminate the opioid epidemic. Our family cannot recommend ANR highly enough!

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