Mano, Georgia

ANR – is the real deal IF you know what you are getting into. It requires you wanting to be healthy. If you want a \”quick fix\” or to bring your son thereby forced –even the doctors will tell you beforehand if the patient is not serious do not come here; they will not treat him. On the other hand, if you like the idea of coming off opiates painlessly, very fast, and want to get off them forever, you are about to embark on an adventure! So if you\’re still reading you are in the second group. Here\’s the basic overview: THE GOOD – don’t remember anything going thru withdrawals period, amazing nursing staff, really the best that medicine has to offer. Since the treatment – ZERO cravings. It’s over. THE BAD – Expensive – you need to cover your stay there + flight tickets. So at the same time, you can get off the opiates pretty fast and not feel a thing, but it has its drawbacks, mainly cost, since insurance doesn’t cover it yet since its still too new to the USA. Wouldn\’t hurt to try to do the credit application, though. When it comes to getting off drugs, this is the best way. I am so happy I changed my life, and every day gets better. Thank you ANR!!!

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