Aaron, Israel

I heard about ANR when Dr Waismann performed it in Israel (I am from Israel), but at the time i didnt felt that my addiction required any treatment i thought it will be easy to stop. I had a back surgeon back in 2016 and of-course i got stuck with percocets, over the time i couldn\’t stop taking them. my life became a roller coaster and i always thought about how to get more so i can feel healthy, just like anybody else around me. I decided to come to the US and get the treatment. Dr Kabamba and Dr. Waismann finally saw me as a person with a problem, medical one, instead of a “junkie” or “addicted” guy who has problem of addiction. So i stayed in Naples (Beautiful place!) for 6 days so i can recover a little bit after and flew back to Israel. I landed in Israel yesterday. I am overwhelmed!!!! I never felt happier! i can feel anything. i am alive, my wife looking at me and from her eyes i know that i am somebody else, somebody healthy. It’s simply amazing. to the ANR staff – thank you again.

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