You've Tried Rehab,

Now it's Time for Medicine.

ANR is the only available oxycodone addiction treatment that allows patients to avoid withdrawals and bring their biology into a pre-dependency state.

ANR Treatment is now in America.

ANR allows individuals to return to the life they led before oxycodone addiction in as little as 48 hours.

How it Works


Hospital Admission

Admission to the ANR unit, laboratory testing and a comprehensive clinical evaluation. Pre-medication during this period allows for a comfortable transition into the treatment.


The Treatment

The patient is sedated for approximately 4-5 hours. While under sedation, their endorphins and opioid receptors are regulated/modulated until the pre-dependency balance has been achieved.



The first stage of recovery begins. The patient continues to be evaluated and his or her endorphin-receptor balance can be fine-tuned during this time if required.



In the morning, patients are encouraged to shower, eat, and gradually begin physical activities. Most patients will be discharged from the hospital later that day.

Experts on ANR

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Dr. John Currie (Autralia)
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Trish Freeman, RN
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Dr. Daniel Beutler (Switzerland)
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Dr. Albert Kabemba

We Have Treated More than 24,000 patients worldwide.

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ANR's Success Around the World

Since 1992, Dr. Waismann and his team have led the fight in the global opioid epidemic. For more than 30 years, they have shared their expertise in ANR treatment for opioid dependency with government and health organizations from all around the world.

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