What does “ANR” Stand For?

Dr. Waismann’s ANR treatment stands for “Accelerated-Neuro Regulation”, which approaches opioid dependency and addiction from a scientifically based medical perspective. The ANR treatment has redefined the therapeutic goals of treating opioid addiction – While other treatment treats the secondary effects of the dependency – the withdrawals, ANR focuses on Modulation and “Regulation” of the endorphin system in the brain to a pre dependency state. Through continuous research and improvement, ANR has achieved a reputation as being the most effective treatment for opioid addiction, as well as the safest.

Understanding the Science

Once you become dependent on opioids, your endorphin-receptor regulation is gone. As patients consume opioids over a period of time, their bodies become accustomed to the effects, and as a result patients need more of the drug in order to avoid withdrawal. This is due to a chemical imbalance, in which there is an excess of opioid receptors developing in the brain, while simultaneously the body’s natural endorphin system has shut down. This leads to severe addiction, withdrawal, and cravings. Cravings are a psychological manifestation of an underlying biological problem, where the body’s natural endorphin system in unable to return to a state of balance naturally due to excess opioid usage.

Solving the Problem

The field of opioid addiction has been extensively researched and many scientific developments have been made in combatting opioid addiction. Many patients believe simply “detoxing” at home will allow them to solve the problem and overcome the addiction. However, this does not solve the problem due to a lack of regulation between endorphins and receptors. This means that when people are dependent on opioids, even if they manage to overcome the withdrawal syndrome, the body’s natural endorphins will be diluted by a huge number of receptors. By not addressing this critical chemical imbalance, it is likely the patient will relapse; not due to a psychological problem, but rather due to a biological condition that can be treated.


In conclusion, Accelerated-Neuro Regulation, or ANR, has redefined the objectives of treating opioid addiction, achieving the goal of re-establishing a normal balance between endorphins and receptors. The concept is that the body’s endorphin regulation system will be ‘’reset’’, through an accelerated process lasting 2-3 days. By bringing the endorphin system back into a state of balance, patients will be free from addiction, as well as cravings.

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