Breaking Windows

For more than two decades, I have been struggling against a very strong resistance from the existing leaders of the Drug Addiction world.

Why? I have developed a treatment that makes a considered ‘chronic’ condition, a now curable one.

Modern medicine has given us plenty of new opportunities and tools to improve the quality of life for the ill. I have recognized a pattern by the medical industry that creates and generates unnecessary suffering with unmeasurable damages in patient’s lives. It is rapidly becoming one of the major global causes of human disability, and I would say iatrogenic (preventable harm) life loss.

The medical industry has a compulsory need to recruit more and more consumers, or should I say ‘patients’, into their market. Just name your problem and a suitable treatment will be found. There is a pill or tablet to treat almost every “problem” a person could possibly have.

Make no mistake, I meant treatnot heal.

Actually, the healing concept is gradually being abandoned. What was once considered the two sides of the same coin (treating/healing), was replaced by a one-sided golden coin, TREATMENT.

Healing was put the side and forgotten of many areas of the medical main-stream practice.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry is shutting down the production of several effective medications because they do not meet the profit expectations of the industry; while the government regulators and legislators remain silent about this cruel trend.

The very same industry is aggressively marketing a range of medications, encouraging doctors to establish – as chronic – several medical conditions that could be healed by a vast range of treatments that would not require further medications.

From Diabetes 1 & 2 to High Cholesterol Levels.
From Hypertension to Depression.
From Anxiety to Stress.
From Sleeping Disorders to Drug Dependency…

…and many, many more.

How come so many are suddenly in need of so much medication? Is there an epidemic wave of heart and metabolic conditions affecting all of us? The answer is yes, and the root of the problem is mainly in our supermarkets; one of the most unsafe and damaging places you can go.

What is the relation between the Food Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry? Could somebody tell us what percentage of the drugs that are being used are prescribed to treat conditions created by all the poisoning effects of substances and their concentration in almost every item you find and buy at the supermarket?

Apparently, it’s a win-win situation for both industries. The medical industry remains almost silent about all the damaging effects of most industrialized “aliments”. The Pharmaceutical industry enjoys the benefits of the on-going food poisoning epidemic. Everybody is happy. No?

A concept that even the young boy in Charlie Chaplin’s Vagabond movie understood well, but most of us cannot see.

“If I sell glass, let’s break some windows….”

Despite what your doctor may say, healing can be achieved on several, so-called ‘chronic’, conditions.

We must take more responsibility and control on the basic faults that have led us to some medical conditions and change what is needed.

Try taking away most of the harmful elements in your life. Nutrition is basic. Not just adding healthy elements but excluding the poisonous ones. Movement. Be active and move. You need that. Intellectual stimulation. Your brain needs to be stimulated to produce the range of chemicals at good levels. Explore all your senses.

You can prevent and even cure, most of those epidemic conditions that are damaging so much in our lives.

Redefine yourself, and your health condition by creating a healthy life routine.

That’s the way you can escape from the traps that are placed for you by the food and pharmaceutic industry.

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