Suboxone Treatment—Use Cases, Side Effects, and Alternatives

suboxone treatment

Suboxone treatment is one method of treating opioid use disorder (OUD). Additionally, this type of treatment can reduce an individual’s risk of a nonfatal overdose, as those can be very dangerous and traumatic. As the numbers of opioid-related deaths continue to rise, the U.S. Government decided to implement certain steps to slow the spread of […]

Opioid Recovery is Possible – Treatment & Support Options

opioid recovery

Opioid use disorder is a medical condition that does not discriminate against individuals in any social class, income level, race, or gender. No matter how the individual gets to the point of addiction, it is important to remember that opioid recovery is possible.  Millions of Americans are suffering from opioid use disorder. The good news […]

Opioid Use Disorder: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment Options

opioid use disorder

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 107,000 Americans died from an overdose in 2021. Nearly 81,000 of these deaths—just above 75%—resulted from an opioid use disorder (OUD). Opioids are associated with a high risk of abuse, misuse, and addiction because of the feelings of euphoria that they produce in addition to […]

Isabelle, France

My very close friend just did Dr. Waismann’s treatment, and I really want to thank the team and especially Dr. Waismann that permitting my friend to finally got back her life after so many years of dependency! She is blessed to start a new life again! It’s like a rebirth! We are amazed to see […]

Nathaniel, USA

The best part about the whole experience was I was actually able to overcome the dependency and not just take replacement medications. I first started on Suboxone two years ago. When I finally had enough of the suboxone, I tried to detox and attempt to grasp the whole thing without rehab. Eventually, I had enough […]

Rob, Florida

I just wanted to share my experience with the ANR method since I know there are others out there feeling trapped in addiction, feeling like there is no way out. This is the best option, in my opinion, and trusts me, I have done it every other way possible. I am feeling great emotionally, like […]

Tory, California

ANR is basically a miracle! I was on opioids after a car accident for many, many years. After the last two years on methadone, I lost hope of ever being drug-free and having a life. I was stuck in one place, unable to go forward in my career or even do a simple thing like […]


I just wanted to share my experience with ANR Clinic for what it\’s worth. I know for many that going to rehab is a lifesaver but for me it was always a rough road. I had been to 5 different rehabs over the course of nearly a decade and would wind up terribly depressed and […]

Louis, Tampa

Today marks my 14th day clean! 2-week mark, and I am feeling better each day. This treatment has helped me quit heroin in such a huge manner. This is the first time in years I have been able to get off the opiates and finally be free from cravings. After all the time spent sick, […]