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ANR is the only available opioid addiction treatment that allows patients to avoid withdrawals and bring their biology into a pre-addiction state.
ANR Treatment is now in America.

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Dr. Andre Waismann 

How it Works Step By Step


Morning: Hospital Admission

Admission to the ANR unit, laboratory testing and a comprehensive clinical evaluation. Pre-medication during this period allows for a comfortable transition into the treatment.


Noon: The Treatment

The patient is sedated for approximately 4-5 hours. While under sedation, their endorphins and opioid receptors are regulated/modulated until the pre-dependency balance has been achieved.


Evening: Recovery

The first stage of recovery begins. The patient continues to be evaluated and his or her endorphin-receptor balance can be fine-tuned during this time if required.


The Next Day: Discharge

In the morning, patients are encouraged to shower, eat, and gradually begin physical activities. Most patients will be discharged from the hospital later that day.

Experts on ANR

Dr. John Currie (Autralia)
Trish Freeman, RN
Dr. Daniel Beutler (Switzerland)
Dr. Albert Kabemba

"Dr. Waismann focuses the team meticulously on every detail of the treatment. He assures a desired outcome for the patients of neuro-regulation to achieve the therapeutic goal of neuro-equilibrium. We are privileged to be working with Dr. Waismann in his mission to free people from opioid addiction. Dr. Waismann’s dedication to his patient’s well-being is infectious. He is crystal clear in communicating his belief that each person is uniquely individual and must be treated as such, with dignity and respect."

Susan Bailey,

CEO Landmark Hospital (USA)

"Based on profound analysis of the scientific literature and data, we have reached the following conclusion: it is a medical procedure that has a firm pharmacological basis. This procedure provides a number of advantages: the patient undergoes the procedure with minimal risk and stress. The fact that patients have successfully completed the procedure without any medical complications or mortality cases proves that this method is safe and efficient."

Professor Yehuda Sheinfeld (Israel)

"ANR Treatment had tremendous success when it performed here in Romania. Patients were successfully treated and freed from their dependency. Even with a selection of the worst cases, the results were excellent."

Professor Cristian Ene, President of the Antidrug Forum Association - FORAD (Romania)

"It is important to emphasize that the treatment has a solid scientific background. The proof for its success relies on the fact that 100% of the patients overcome the physical opiate dependency. Dr. Waismann’s clinic uses a technology that grants every patient the opportunity to start a new life free of opioid addiction."

Dr. Rezo Davituliani (Georgia)

"Based on the scientific literature and accumulated experience in Israel and Europe, one may conclude that ANR is a highly efficient method.  If carried out in optimal professional conditions, ANR can have a 100% success rate. This method has a significant advantage over other conventional methods: a minimal percentage of dropout cases versus reported 30%-60% (of dropouts with other methods)."

Professor Moshe Kotler, Chair of the National Mental Health Council (Israel)

"It is one of the most efficient methods that we know, and we welcome it in Israel. The research conducted in the USA shows that the shorter and less painful the physical withdrawal is, the faster the recovery of the patient."

Dr. A. Lerner (Israel)

"ANR treatment protocol is an effective and exceptionally safe treatment. It reverses opioid dependency with the use of advanced modern medicine."

Dr. Boksenbojm Pablo, Chief of the Anesthesia Department, Barzilai Medical Center (Israel)

"The only one to answer was Dr. Andre Waismann. He not only offered advice but asked me to send him the boy’s case history. He then rang back and offered to come here, to assemble a medical team who could assist and learn from him, and to operate on Endriss free of charge."

Dr. Matamoros, Costa RicaImage (Costa Rica)

"ANR has shown to be an essential step towards offering opiate addicts a full treatment for a potentially lethal condition. Among the existing therapies, ANR is the only one that proposes an effective way of winning over withdrawal syndrome."

Tal Rauchwerger, Medical Researcher & Consultant (Israel)

"What I saw after the treatment is something I never saw before. There are no cravings at all. This is amazing. ANR is not only the best treatment for opioid dependency; ANR is the only treatment for opioid dependency."

Dr. Daniel Beutler (Switzerland)

ANR's Success Around the World

Since 1992, Dr. Waismann and his team have led the fight in the global opioid epidemic. For more than 30 years, they have shared their expertise in ANR treatment for opioid dependency with government and health organizations from all around the world.

ANR allows individuals to return to the life they led before opioid addiction in as little as 48 hours.

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