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Written On : Oct 29 2019

Dr. Andre Waismann joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss that he has identified the biological roots of opioid dependency and has treated more than 24,000 people with opioid dependency. He process he pioneered is called ANR, which stands for (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation). ANR is […]

iHeart Radio

Click here to listen the interview with Scott Sloan and Dr. Waismann

The Scotsman

AURA ROBERS speaks to an Israeli specialist in treating heroin addiction who wants to tackle youth drug problems is Scotland. An ISRAELI expert in treating heroin addiction claims his radical methods could help Scotland tackle its growing problem of child […]


TAMPA, Fla. — An Israeli doctor who claims to have successfully treated thousands of opioids addicts abroad now plans to bring his treatment methods to the U.S. Dr. Andre Waismann looking to train U.S. doctors in program Program involves “Accelerated Neuro Regulation,” or ANR ANR restores […]

Florida Weekly

In popular culture, there is a subconscious image of opioid dependents that suffer from an addictive personality; namely, that they can’t break free from their destiny to meet their demise. Recent statistics from the National Institute of Drug Abuse do […]

Australia Women’s Weekly

It began as a seemingly long-shot chance for one girl to save herself. But it turned into something far greater than anyone ever imagine possible. In May this year, The Australian Women Weekly flew 25-year-old heroin addict Joanne Frare and […]


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