Accelerated Neuroregulation

Accelerated Neuroregulation The new paradigm of
treatment for opioid dependency.

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Identifying the Biological Roots of Opioid Dependency

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Written On: Oct 29 2019

Dr. Andre Waismann joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss that he has identified the biological roots of opioid dependency and has treated more than 24,000 people with opioid dependency.

He process he pioneered is called ANR, which stands for (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation).

ANR is an anesthesia-based approach to help people with opioid addictions deal with the adverse effects of withdrawal

He believes several factors are explaining the magnitude of the crisis, including the one here in the Tampa region:

  • Care Isn’t In The Hands of Anesthesiologists
  • The Wrong Mindset
  • Doctors are mistreating patients
  • Government Failure