Can this Revolutionary Opioid Addiction Treatment solve the opioid crisis?

Opiate abuse is unquestionably a major health concern in the world today, reaching epidemic proportions, with annual treatment costs in the billions of dollars.

The social impact in relation to crime, family life, and lost productivity is immeasurable.While opiate dependency classified as a psychiatric illness, it has a strong medical component that is largely ignored in treatment.

“We have identified the biological roots of the dependency”

Dr. Andre Waismann is changing that with his medically-based method to fight opiate dependency at its core, in the human brain.

His treatment, Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR), employs an advanced medical procedure to; accelerate and eliminate the withdrawal syndrome, regulate the neuro-endorphin balance, and eradicate the cravings of opiate dependency.
The procedure performed in the course of 4–5 hours and requires approximately 30 hours of hospitalization.

“When I awoke the next morning, I smiled for the first time in a very long while. The craving the had controlled my life for 23 years was no longer there. I opened my eyes, and I had no compulsion to pick up the phone and call my dealer”.

Patrick, UK

Thus far, Dr. Waismann has had over 24,000 successful treatments from patients over 20 countries, performed in his clinics, based in Switzerland and Israel, and recently Florida.

“Every patient we treated left the hospital with their endorphin system rebalanced, free from opioid dependency” – Dr. Waismann says.

opioid withdrawal treatment

Currently, Dr. Waismann is working with American partners to bring this incredible breakthrough to the millions of opioid-dependent patients here in the U.S.

How Does it Work?

So how does ANR work? We’ll break it down for you.

Endorphins are naturally occurring chemicals secreted within the brain, acting as our “naturally occurring opiates,” triggering positive feelings and reducing pain perception. When foreign opiates are introduced into the body, they flood the brain’s endorphin receptors signaling the body to stop the production of our natural endorphins, as well as to create more receptors to handle the increased load of foreign chemicals.

As opiate use continues, the self-perpetuating vicious cycle continues, with the brain creating more and more receptors, leading to what is commonly known as tolerance. This leads the body to require higher amounts of opioids to feed the neuro-biochemical demand and satisfy the ever-increasing amount of endorphin receptors. The body is now dependent upon the foreign opiates and craves to satisfy the need.

The goal of the ANR method is to return the neuro-endorphin system to a balanced state by eliminating the excess receptors and returning the body to the proper endorphin-receptor equilibrium.

“Based on the scientific literature and accumulated experience in Israel and Europe, one may conclude that it is a highly efficient method that has has a major advantage over other conventional methods.” – Professor Moshe Kotler, Chair of the National Mental Health Council, Israel

The Success of ANR

The ANR treatment protocol was developed after 25 years of extensive clinical and academic research by Dr. Waismann. In the U.S., The treatment in its entirety is conducted in Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida, in over a 24-36-hour period. The patient is sedated during the procedure for approximately 4 – 5 hours, depending on the level of dependency.

The procedure is conducted and monitored by a board-certified anesthesiologist with critical care experience, an internist, and an intensive care nurse, using ICU monitors that display real-time vitals and advanced tracking data. Various medications are given intravenously to patients to accelerate and eliminate the pain of withdrawal, regulate and balance the neuro-endorphin pathway, and eradicate the cravings of opiate dependency.

Essentially, patients do not experience any of the pain and suffering of withdrawal while they are sedated, and they are freed of the dependency cravings when the endorphin and receptor imbalance is corrected.  

As of today, ANR is the only treatment that addresses the roots of opioid dependency.

Withdrawals and cravings can be reversed with modern medicine and individual endorphin-receptor evaluation.

“ANR treatment had had a tremendous success when it was performed here in Romania…. many patients were successfully treated and freed from their dependency”

Professor Cristian Ene, President of the Antidrug Forum Association- FORAD, Romania.

ANR is quick and efficient and involves minimal pain and discomfort for patients.
 It returns the brain’s chemistry to its original balance to eliminate cravings, which cannot be achieved through detoxification, rehabilitation, or psychotherapy. This method also reduces the likelihood of attrition during treatment, which is extremely common among traditional treatment methods.

Dr. Andre Waismann identified the biological roots of opioid dependency in the ’90s. Since then, he has traveled around the world, teaching his approach to treat opioid dependence with the benefits of modern medicine.